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Most parents would rather skip the hustle of hauling kids to and from holiday and just leave them with their grandparents. But going on holiday with the kids can be educational and also an opportunity for a bonding experience. The whole experience does not have to be dread here are a few tips on how you can make your holiday memorable for you and the kids.

Plan ahead

Don’t leave till the last minute do your packing on time, make a list of all the essentials and only pack what is needed. Before you leave make sure you have all your documents in place making a list of all that’s needed and checking off would be ideal. This will help you plan better and highly reduce the chance of leaving behind something important. The day you leave make sure you leave yourself enough time for checking in and boarding snacks and toys will come in handy between these points you don’t want agitated screaming kids that is never fun.

Tell them what to expect

Talk to your kids about the trip, tell them where they are going and how they are going to get there. Also mention what they can do there. Let them ask questions this will get rid of any anxiety they might have. Make sure they know they will be safe and what to do if they ever need help with anything.

Safety first

Make sure the place you are booking is kid-friendly the last thing you want is to find out when you check in there are no kids allowed. Ensure the safety of your kids from the time you step out of the door. Know where your kids are at all-time if necessary, install small GPS on their shoes or belts it’s easy for kids to wander off to explore while you are caught up in your travel logistics. Familiarise yourself with the hotel or resort make sure there is nothing that can be hazardous to your kids, make sure they are supervised were ever they go places like pools and crowded areas are something to be aware of.

Entertainment is key

Your kids need to have fun as much as you do make sure their days on holiday are packed with activities find a destination that can cater to younger kid’s places with water parks, zoo’s, amusement parks would be ideal. Get them cameras and journals to document their memorable experiences. Encourage them to learn about new cultures to try new things. If you have younger kids don’t forget the toys, strollers, and snacks you need the younger ones to be comfortable too especially considering they have no idea what going on.


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